About Us

Nilian Design Inc. is offering Illustrator and Design services. The business specializes in enhancing writing or elucidating concepts by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of the associated text or idea. The illustration may be intended to clarify complicated concepts or objects that are difficult to describe textually, which is the reason illustrations are often found in children’s books. Illustration is the art of making images that work with something and add to it without needing direct attention and without distracting from what they illustrate. The other thing is the focus of attention, and the illustration’s role is to add personality and character without competing with that other thing.
Nasim Nourizi, CEO/Director of NILIAN DESIGN INC. has over ten years of business experience as a professional illustrator and designer. She has provided services as an illustrator designer for over forty books and magazines. She is an expert in short story illustration. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics Design, she has also attended several exhibitions and recipient of prestigious awards throughout.
You can check her resume here.